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Why Your Mental Health Depends on Making Yourself Dispensable

If you're a linchpin for your team to achieve its results, you're headed for burnout and overwork.   

Instead, prioritize putting all your knowledge into systems and documents that allow others to become as needed as you are now  

Being too busy is not an excuse to remain deep in the day to day of your team.  

You are too busy precisely because you haven't removed yourself yet. 

Working sane hours does not mean you don't care about the company. It means you care about yourself and your longevity. 

Be bold. Set a vision for your life that you're thrilled about in all dimensions: work, family, health, spirituality, contribution, fun. Then create a team structure that helps you make it real.   

You're a leader. Your job is to build something out of your ideas and inspiration. 

You are worth it. Your vision for your whole life is worth it. Prioritize the shift out of overwork so you can love your life again.  

Because when you're energized and inspired you can play life at a higher level in all aspects. 

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