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Self Worth Doesn't Come From Achieving Your Goals

Too many leaders and entrepreneurs delay their feelings of worthiness and self love until after they’ve achieved their goal.

But that’s backwards. Self love cannot depend on validation from the world in any way if you want it to last.

Because one day you're on top of the mountain and the next you're starting a new climb. If you make your position on the mountain means something about you personally then you're not actually in charge of your business, your business is in charge of you.

When you accept yourself fully now, you free up more energy to go after your goals. That's because the mission shifts from being a kind of life or death undertaking to being a game.

And humans love games.

Think about the times when you're most in the flow. Are they when the pressure is on and you have to produce? Likely not. How about when you're relaxed, engaged, focused on the task at hand, totally alive? Yep. Like when you're playing a game you love.

When you give yourself the gift of self-love you decouple your inner sense of worth from your work in the world. Then you can approach your big goals and dreams with a sense of play, knowing that the expectations you have of them are already taken care of. 

You're not depending on your work to give you any sense of acceptance or achievement. It becomes fun, a game, the stakes disappear and you create room for the flow state to enter your being.

Why not flow today?

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