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Great Leaders Unplug

I see you, checking your email during “off hours”—cringing every time a Slack notification goes off while you’re with your kids. You think it’s going to change in the future, or maybe you’ve given up hope that it will change.

For tech leaders it feels like something is always on fire. And because you’re so plugged in and available that feeing just grows. After all, you’re in the middle of the problems. 

But here’s what’s happening: your work is expanding to take up the time and mental energy you give it. 

Read that again: YOU are the one creating all that work and stress for yourself. 

And it happens because you don’t let yourself unplug and step away. 

You don’t give yourself the time and mental space that you and your family deserve. 

And that’s sending a clear signal to your team about what’s expected. 

Humans need to breathe, to rest after a long stretch of work. 

If you’re not modeling that, you’re going to burn out yourself, your family, AND your team. 

Instead, model what it looks like to take great care of yourself and the people you love. 

Close the lid. The work will be there in the  morning. Except then you’ll be a different leader. Rested, excited for the day, and modeling sustainable behavior for your team. 

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