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6 Signs You're Ready To Work With A Coach

You've heard of coaching but you might not have considered hiring someone. Here are some signs you might be ready for a coaching relationship:

1) You have a lot of opportunities but don't have clarity on what's most important. Working with a coach will help you focus in on the area of your business or life that will make all the difference.

2) You know WHAT to do, you just have a hard time getting over yourself and actually DOING it. A coach will help you develop a plan for the INNER game of life and leadership, which is where the action always starts.

3) You're wasting time in the weeds and engaging too little on high-impact activities. Time management is actually mind management; a coach will help you dial in a calendar and delegation system to make big leaps in your business possible.

4) You've achieved success, but it ain't enough. If you find yourself wondering if you'll ever "make it" despite having achieved goal after goal then coaching will help you tune in to what matters most: your own self-concept. Without positive self-regard, the greatest successes can feel hollow.

5) You have a big dream inside but you're not sure you have what it takes to get there. The existence of that dream is the first step to making it possible. A coach can help you identify the resources—both inner and outer—to making a far off hope become your current reality.

6) You're leading other people for the first time. Leadership isn't just a promotion, it's a whole new career. If you aren't actively training and growing as a leader, you're missing out on the impact you could be having with your team. A leadership coach will help you level up in your new craft.

What do you think: What are some other signs someone will benefit from coaching? Engage in the conversation here.

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