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Develop Your Leaders' Skills And Unlock Growth In Your Business

Introducing The New Manager Launchpad, the only training program that combines leadership best practices with mindfulness and intuition to create a team of dynamic, successful leaders for your company. 

Leadership isn't just a promotion. It's a brand new job.

Managing people requires a whole new skill set that most people didn't prepare for. And it's one that cannot be learned from a book or training manual.

If you are like most executives, your company may not yet be supporting leaders to make this transition effectively.

The fact is, many new managers spend the first few years struggling to keep their heads above water. During this crucial time they wrestle internally with imposter syndrome, overwork to make up for the lack of confidence, and miss out on key opportunities to progress their career.

The New Manager Launchpad is a custom training program designed to make sure that doesn't happen to your team by teaching the skills to succeed as new people leads and become effective, admired managers.

In this course participants will learn how to:

  • Uplevel their mindset and skillset from successful individual contributor to admired leader who gets results
  • Overcome imposter syndrome so they can get out of their own way and contribute their full talents to your company
  • Lay the foundation for a high performing team where everyone understands what's expected, and managers aren't redoing work or looking over anyone’s shoulders
  • Be more productive within work hours, so they don’t burn out
  • Make confident, high quality decisions that move your company forward
  • Actively use your business's vision and values to align and motivate their team
  • Use setbacks and “failures” as sources of learning and growth and do the same for their team
  • Handle difficult conversations confidently in a way that represents your company's best interests
  • Create a process to measure performance so they can get the best from people’s intrinsic motivation without micromanaging or pushing them
  • Build stronger relationships that lead to more fulfilling work and better results

Working with Steve...

"Steve helped me go from overwhelm in my current situation to being able to make a decision with clarity and confidence. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Steve!" Sarah Bedrick, Co-founder
"I've rarely encountered someone with such integrity and care, who genuinely believes in people's potential and will work tirelessly to help them achieve it." Sam Rosen, Head of Growth
"Steve has a unique ability to be honest and perceptive with compassion. It's not easy to be blunt and trustworthy simultaneously, but Steve knows how to thread that needle." Marc Amigone, Director
"Steve helped me clarify my own vision, values & strategic plan. If you are looking to create lasting change within your professional life - whatever obstacles you are currently facing in your business - you are in the right place." Sarah Shiozawa, Entrepreneur and Consultant

The New Manager Launchpad is available for booking at your company. 

Email steve@hypergrowthcoach.ca to learn more



Section 1: Inner Leadership

  • Your new career: management. Learn the mindset shift required to be an exceptional
    leader and move your business forward
  • The progress formula: use vision, self-coaching, and creative solutioning to overcome
    almost any obstacle
  • Self-concept and self-talk: how to get the most from your emotions and other inner
  • Turning setbacks into learning for yourself and your team

Section 2: Building a High-Performing Team

  • Setting expectations that motivate your team
  • How to make confident, values-based decisions
  • Results-based planning: how to get high-priority work done on time
  • Creating team metrics that matter: how to set and track goals so that everyone knows
    what they’re supposed to be doing

Section 3: Communicating for Impact

  • Why strong professional relationships matter and how to create them
  • The steps for succeeding with difficult conversations
  • Internal story-telling: how to use your company's story to motivate team members
  • Being an admired leader: How vulnerability, empathy, and care for your team’s well-being
    earn you followership

All sessions are recorded and new materials are published each week. Participants will have access to the training for one year, so they can review it at their own pace.

Your investment

What is success for your leadership team worth?

Coaching helps leaders grow faster and increases their likelihood of achieving results.

If rolling out The New Manager Launchpad course means a team hits their targets just one quarter sooner or 10% higher than they otherwise would have, you probably paid for your investment just with that one boost in performance.

But the most valuable benefit from this training isn't financial. It's in the mindset, and the shift from negative self-talk that slows down so many leaders to an inner environment of self-acceptance and love.

It may sound soft and squishy, but ask yourself: what good is a pile of money for your people if they're unhappy and exhausted? How we each live our lives day to day and how we feel about ourselves is what matters most in the end. And it's at the heart of what it means to be a Hypergrowth Leader.

Invest in your leadership team's success by offering The New Manager Launchpad course at your company now. Email steve@hypergrowthcoach.ca to learn more.