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Ditch Imposter Syndrome And Lead Like Yourself.

Leadership can be hard enough without piling on an extra helping of self-doubt.

Discover the roots of imposter syndrome and how to evolve beyond it in this free 5-part course.

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Level up your leadership now

The principles in this free course have helped thousands of leaders calm the inner voice of self-doubt. You will discover how to:

  • Share a vision that inspires you and your team to perform at the highest level
  • Cultivate your leadership presence and voice so that you feel confident in meetings, presentations, and private conversations
  • Hold people accountable to the results they were hired to deliver, without sounding harsh or uncaring

Fill out the form on this page and start leading in a way that fills your cup, rather than emptying it.



A Note From Steve

I've always had a mission to help people evolve and realize the life the universe is dreaming for them.

That passion led me into leadership and the tech world, where I built global teams at Shopify, HubSpot and my own startup.

And it led me to coaching, and working with thousands of clients around the world.

I'm so excited to offer you this course since it captures the essence of what it takes to lead with authenticity and vulnerability, in any situation.